Jiffy was made by a young creative team that values smart work and balanced lifestyle. We understand the challenges of a modern digital lifestyle and the everyday distractions that come with it. Jiffy was born out of the need to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.

The Jiffy team

Lorica Claesson

Jiffy Founder, UX Designer, Product Manager
User experience designer and Maker. Creates everything from metal sculptures, interactive lights, clothes, to streamlined apps. I have been working as a UX consultant for a couple of years now, always striving to create applications that makes life easier for the user.

Mikael Alfredsson

Jiffy Founder, Architect, Android Developer
I love to develop programs. To be able to start with an idea and see it grow into a usable program is amazing. I always want to extend my knowledge about development, and have created software in a number of different languages and on many different platforms

Yamini Gautam

Marketing Strategy
Yamini is a 3 parts cat lady, 2 parts sci-fi nerd and 1 part full stack marketer. In that order. When she's not working, she is writing about her expat experiences in Europe, reading a sci-fi book, or watching too many cat gifs. Not necessarily in that order.

Natalija Krstova Celebor

Public Relations
I spend most of time dabbling with the project tasks you had no idea existed. Showing off the great features of a product is my mission, when you are just a bit shy to brag yourself. Guided by the words - “Networking isn't how many people you know, it's how many people know you.”- A. Kalantri

Dmytry Konkov

Quality Assurance
My passion is testing. Motto - 'Bugs shall not pass'. The product must have high quality and my goal is to make the product better for end users to make them happy and contented.


Team motivator
Eiji brightens up the mood in the office by always being happy and cheerful. Also hands out the occasional cuddle.

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